I successfully negotiated my first job at the tender age of 10 when I convinced my neighbor that I could take care of their newborn baby. In high school, I was THE most sought-after babysitter as the kids loved me.  Describing myself as a classic first-born overachiever and “people person,” I get energized by being with people. My favorite thing to do:  hang out with my friends.  No surprise there!

One of the reasons I was so successful convincing those parents to hire me to babysit their newborn, was because I grew up with a younger brother who had Down Syndrome. My parents made the decision to keep him at home and although I was only 4 years older than my brother, I was often in charge of taking care of him and my younger sister.

Always fascinated by people and how they think, I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology and had intended to become a Psychologist.  Ultimately, I determined that perhaps Psychology did not best suit my direct and forthright attitude.  Attaining a Masters in Business, however, did align with my career.

I have spent the last 37 years in sales.  After 20+ years of experience working with large organizations such as Oracle, Sony and Schwab, I started helping small companies.  With insurance, I added individuals to the mix.

Why work with me?  I take the time to get to know my clients and to know their needs and budgets. Insurance can be complicated so it is important to find the right product.  I do my best to explain it so that it is understandable.  One of the characteristics that makes me fairly unique is that I help with paperwork, both real paper and electronic.  I also return all calls and emails within 24 hours virtually all of the time.  Insurance is quite serious and yet my motto is “Life is too short to be serious”.   Of course, I can be serious but I quite enjoy laughing and having fun while I am working.

After you get to know me a little better, you may want to ask me about the three tattoos covering a large part of my body. Or about the time I owned an 8-foot Boa Constrictor but had to give her away when she became stronger than me and I couldn’t control her.  Or when I was a guest on the Geraldo Rivera show.  contact us.